Nilüfer Municipality

Nilüfer Municipality developed a sustainable city management strategy with the social, cultural and sportive activities it has implemented and succeeded in making Nilüfer "The Cultural City of Bursa Province", albeit its close official establishment dated 1987. With this responsibility, we are currently organizing a series of events in many different areas of music. More than 8.000 people attend music workshops every year. In addition to international events such as the Nilüfer Music Festival, we organize various events throughout the year, support a diverse selection of music groups, and create workshops to ensure a holistic view of music. While doing so the great interest in jazz artists which we hosted was a starting point for us to reflect on jazz culture. Our adventure titled "Nilüfer Jazz Vacation" started in 2016 with 23 concerts, 2 interviews, 1 documentary screening and 2 workshops. Many internationally respected jazz artists took the stage during the 5 festivals, moreover we also included young names on our stage. 

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