Jazz Panorama - Country Guides

This Country Jazz guide is the most comprehensive online guide on European jazz to date. It intends to provide musicians, agencies, promoters and the general public a practical insight into the jazz scene of each listed country. The information offers greater understanding of national situations regarding the present-day jazz life, performance opportunities, funding, support structures, advanced jazz education and other related subjects. By making this information widely accessible, Europe Jazz Network hopes to stimulate mobility of jazz artists and students among countries and also to create a clearer overall picture of the valuable contribution that jazz is making towards the arts in Europe. 

The information has been compiled by national organizations in several countries and by helpful EJN members in others. Sometimes independent writers have worked in collaboration with national EJN members to produce the entries. The authors of each country page have gathered the information on the basis of international relevance for foreign professionals, usually leaving out listings that have a more local bearing. However, in order to provide further resources, multiple countries have also provided links to more comprehensive national websites, occasionally in the native language. 

The damaging consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic on the arts and jazz in particular have not yet been taken into account during the making of this publication. The actual impact will probably become fully visible in a few years from now at which time some of the data in this guide will be updated.