Nilüfer Jazz Festival - JAZZ MANIFEST

Nature whispers that we should live in jazz rhythm, and tells us that music is everywhere and even the smallest sound can inspire. Now it's time to give ear to the voice of nature more! "Echoes, singing, drum beats, laughter, silence, eavesdropping" is the job of this year's theme, Music Harvest.
With the responsibility we feel for our lives that have completely changed due to the pandemic, we have always kept our intention to summon new hopes and beginnings. This year we have programmed the festival with the concepts of rebirth, reunion, awakening, and meeting. Nilüfer Jazz Festival was shaped as an integrated field of experience and signifying the production in nature where forests, parks, lakeshores, and strawberry fields turn into a stage, inspired by the forms that jazz music resembles nature. 
Side events of the festival include an interactive exhibition where music lovers can interact with plants to produce music, workshops, and talks as self-improvement events for youth and for children with special needs. Gastronomic events will be among the firsts of this year, in context with Nilüfer Municipality's "Year of Good Food" focus theme for 2021. Furthermore, we will also have the chance to discover the productions of young musicians with the album titled "Mahsul (Harvest)".
The rhythm of jazz meets with nature, let the Music Harvest begin!