This year “Music Will Be Harvested” at the Nilüfer Jazz Festival!

With the purpose of bringing together every branch of the arts with all parts of the public, Nilüfer Municipality carries out exemplary projects in the area of culture & arts. With this in mind, Nilüfer Jazz Festival has been organizing yearly since 2016.

The festival "Uluslararası Nilüfer Caz Tatili”, spotlights diverse cultures and various voices and is preparing to embark on a fascinating musical journey in 2021.  The festival is planned to be held between 28 May – 12 June 2021, and the theme of the event titled “Müzik Hasadı”, related to Nilüfer Municipality’s 2021 main theme of “The Year of Healthy Food”.

The festival intends to become the intermediary for turning the troubles experienced during the pandemic into hope and new beginnings. All events will take place outdoors and in touch with nature. The festival aims to contribute creatively to the music ecosystem and many firsts will happen. Jazz music will combine with the strawberry harvest in Atlas village. Gölyazı village, home to the unique coexistence of nature and history, will feature jazz musicians during the sunset. Audiences will enjoy jazz under the trees in the Kent Forest. Improvisation workshops will also be held in the countryside, open to city residents but focused on involving the countryside residents (especially the teens and younger children).

An album project will be developed to support the production of young artists. The “Nilüfer Caz Tatili“ album, named “Mahsul”(Crop) will motivate young artists to make their compositions, while also offering them their first recording experience.

The first physical meeting of the newly formed national jazz community, “Turkish Jazz Network” will also be held in Nilüfer as part of the festival.