The 8th Nilüfer Jazz Festival Announces Full Details of 2023 Musical Line Up!

 February 9 - 19, 2023

One of the most anticipated music events of the year, Nilüfer Jazz Festival returns to new winter venues across the city for music fans to enjoy live performances by local and international musicians as well as inspiring talks and engaging multidisciplinary workshops in Bursa between February 9 - 19. As a member of the European Jazz Network, the Festival has drawn great attention and carried huge crowds to Nilüfer from all over the country since its debut in 2016.

This year Nilüfer Jazz Festival launches with the theme of “Tahayyül”* and invites people, especially young generations, to dream and imagine, anticipating an act of recognizing our power of imagination.

Aim to inspire all the young souls out there, this year the festival makes its opening with GoGo Penguin who channel electronic and club culture atmospheres alongside minimalist, jazz and rock influences to create music that pulses and takes the audience into brand new realms. Mert Pekduraner is also taking the stage with his music that combines colorful sounds in addition to Nova Norda’s inspiring performance. 

The festival programme is hosting international talents as well as the local masters of jazz. While one of the pioneering names of the Turkish jazz scene, Fatih Erkoç offers an immersive performance, the French artist Guillaume Perret, whose music combines pedal, saxophone and electric effects in an infinite universe, is preparing to take music lovers on an unforgettable musical journey.

Coinciding with Valentine's Day, the Festival will also offer a special event for lovers and loved ones on February 14. For this special concert Kerem Görsev, one of the most important representatives of traditional jazz in Turkey, will meet music lovers with Elif Çağlar's unique voice. The duo will be accompanied by Volkan Hürsever on double bass and Ferit Odman on drums.

Drawing from a broad palette of influences from the Sephardic sounds of his upbringing, Middle Eastern maqam scales, North African Gnawa rhythms and the classic jazz trumpet lineage, Itamar Borochov is ready to lighten the Bursa nights while Yemen Blues which was founded in 2010 by composer and musician Ravid Kahalani, invites the participants to a unique live performance experience.

Producer, songwriter, composer and singer Jehan Barbur greets festival goers  with her moving musicand the Festival ends with Volkan Öktem, one of Turkey’s leading drummers, as the Festival preparesg to whet the appetite for music.

In addition to the concerts that will last for 10 days, the festival will remind visitors to dream again with the talks that will take place with the participation of leading names in the sector. Festival tickets will be sold exclusively at the Nilüfer Municipality website as of January 23rd.

Nilüfer Jazz Festival Concert Programme

9 February, Thursday 20.30
Gogo Penguin 

Nâzım Hikmet Kültürevi

10 February, Friday 20.30
Mert Pekduraner

MEM (Nilüfer Belediyesi Dr. Hüseyin Parkan Sanlıkol Müzik Enstrümanları Müzesi)

11 February, Saturday 20.30
Nova Norda 

Nâzım Hikmet Kültürevi

12 February, Sunday 20.30
Fatih Erkoç

Prof. Dr. M. Mete Cengiz Kültür Merkezi

13 February, Monday 20.30
Guillaume Perret

Prof. Dr. M. Mete Cengiz Kültür Merkezi

14 February, Tuesday 20.30
Kerem Görsev ft. Elif Çağlar

Prof. Dr. M. Mete Cengiz Kültür Merkezi

15 February, Wednesday 20.30
Itamar Borochov

Nâzım Hikmet Kültürevi

16 February, Thursday 20.30
Yemen Blues

Nâzım Hikmet Kültürevi

18 February, Saturday 20.30
Jehan Barbur

Nâzım Hikmet Kültürevi

19 February, Sunday 20.30
Volkan Öktem

Podyumpark Sanat Mahal

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