Associação Sons da Lusofonia / Festa do Jazz


The Association Sons da Lusofonia (ASL), based in Lisbon, is one of the two Portuguese members of Europe Jazz Network. Founded in 1996 by its director Carlos Martins, ASL has been organizing the Portuguese Jazz Fest / Festa do Jazz in Lisbon since 2003. The festival has turned into a core event of the Portuguese jazz scene and aims at promoting both established and emerging artists on a national and international level and actively strengthening the network of musicians, teachers, promoters, critics and other important actors involved in improvised music. ASL is actively working on the internationalisation of the Portuguese jazz scene by creating European partnerships and networks and by engaging in initiatives like the Europe Jazz Network, Anna Lindh Foundation and network events like jazzahead! Besides its jazz-related activities, ASL works on cultural projects that are dedicated to social and educational community work, based on music and other performing arts.
The association is interested in and dedicated to different aspects of cultural work: cultural and social projects with a focus on intercultural communication and social inclusion, production of cultural events and festivals, ethnomusicology, music education, publishing of books, records, or documentaries.

Currently, Sons da Lusofonia promotes the following annual events and ongoing projects:

Festa do Jazz
Lisboa Mistura


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