Belém Cultural Center 
Former Royal Riding Arena of the Coach Museum 
Bairro Alto Common House - Cultural Center
Organized by Associação Sons Da Lusofonia

The program for this year's FESTA DO JAZZ has already been finalized and once again  offers some great reasons for audiences to fill the halls once again.

Not to be missed is the inaugural concert brought by Erik Truffaz and his trumpet &  company to the CCB's large auditorium, for which the Festa is offering tickets at absolutely  exceptional conditions, so that no one is left out. 

In addition to a top-notch line-up, this year's Festa has an original feature: it's presenting a  theater play. It's a unique theater and music show about the history of jazz. Based on an  idea by Carlos Martins (Sons da Lusofonia) and with an original text by João Nunes  (Produções Fictícias), it recovers iconic themes such as Limehouse, Prelude to a kiss, Shaw  Nuff (Charlie Parker), So what (Miles Davis), Impressions (Coltrane) or Lonely Woman and  travels between personalities and terms as vast as "cool jazz", "west coast", "hard bop",  "the third stream", "soul jazz" or "free jazz" (details below). 

This year, the party will take place mainly at the CCB and the Old Riding Arena of the Coach  Museum, but it will also make incursions into other venues in the city, including the  premiere of the brand new venue Bairro Alto Common House - Cultural Center. 

Find out all about it in the program below.


December 1st 
21h00 – Erik Truffaz - Rollin’ & Clap! - Big Auditorium CCB 

Dressed in a dark suit, hat tight on his head, Erik Truffaz picks up his trumpet and prepares to make sound  poetry. For him, music has no genre, no boundaries and especially no age. His instrument is like a master  key that allows him to pass through any door that opens to the world of sound. An excellent polymorph,  Truffaz plays everything: jazz, of course, but also rock, classical, rap and even drum’n’bass. Today, he  discusses the soundtracks of films that marked his childhood. Together, they revisit the best of composers  from the golden age of cinema, appropriating the themes of Michel Magne, Nino Rota, Philippe Sarde  and Ennio Morricone, to redefine their contours and tell us other equally wonderful stories. 

Erik Truffaz – Trompet | Alexis Anérilles – Piano | Antoine Vidal – Bass | Julien Charlet – Drums

December 2nd 
16h30 – Clara Lacerda Quintet – Small Auditorium CCB 
Clara Lacerda, pianist and composer, presents her new quintet, the result of a residency at the invitation of Porta-jazz. In her own words, ‘I wrote pieces and songs, each one of them a character in the story that we will tell you throughout the concert and perhaps one of them can accompany you (as long as it serves you)’.

Clara Lacerda - Piano/Composition | Afonso Silva - Saxophone/Flute | João Pedro Brandão - Saxophone/Flute | Demian Cabaud - doublebass | Marcos Cavaleiro - drums 

17h30 – João Paulo Esteves da Silva Trio – Small Auditorium CCB 
João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Mário Franco and Samuel Rohrer combine all those qualities that  usually guarantee the success of this more classic jazz format, with a foot in chamber music: an  intuitive understanding, the fluidity and transparency of communication between the musicians, their actions and reactions, soloistic sequences that prolong the fluidity of sound and musical culture and nobility. The trio transforms what it finds into concise sound images, which maintain rigor and concentration, not rebelling under the musicians’ fingers. Here, emotional depth assumes greater importance than virtuosity. For the Trio, emotion is not about volume. João Paulo Esteves da Silva – Piano | Mário Franco – Doublebass | Samuel Rohrer - Drums

21h00 – JAZZOPA – Small Auditorium CCB
JAZZOPA is a project that brings together jazz, spoken word and hip-hop, in an  artistically challenging and socially conscious language and that has participants with  consolidated skills in those artistic areas. JAZZOPA’s methodology, in the first phase, is based on a creative studio model - where  participants are invited to create together the songs, lyrics and poems that make up the repertoire based on a theme selected by everyone in co-creation, based on the idea of improvisation in real time. This artistic residency is directed by André Fernandes, Carlos Martins and Valete.

Instrumentalists: Samuel Dias (drums), Francisco Nogueira (bass), Kiko Sá (trumpet), Débora  king (piano), Jery Bidan (guitar), Ricardo Rosas (saxophone) | MC: Vileiro and YA SIN |  Spoken word: Vanessa Parish Crooks and Luís Perdigão.

22h30 – Decatet Porta-Jazz/Robalo with 
Hans Koller - Small Auditorium CCB

Porta-Jazz do Porto and Robalo de Lisboa are two associations of musicians that have collaborated with some regularity, organizing a sextet annually with musicians from both associations. This year they decided to expand the scope of this collaboration and invite composer and musician Hans Koller to write a set of songs for a wide range of musicians. The result is this Decateto Porta-Jazz / Robalo that will be presented at the Festa do Jazz this year, celebrating the partnership with the project.

December 3rd 
16h30 – Lokomotiv (25 anos) – Small Auditorium CCB 

Lokomotiv have stood out for their enormous aesthetic flexibility, interested only in  practicing jazz that has everything to do with our time. Barretto, Delgado and Salgueiro  have long been revealing a wide range of musical interests that cover trends such as  rock, jazz, world music and classical, placing themselves among the Portuguese  exponents of an eclecticism that is the hallmark of this country since the beginning of  the century. In order to celebrate 25 years of activity, they invited the saxophonist Ricardo Toscano  to be part of the band and record the album “25” as a quartet with original songs.”

Carlos Barretto - double bass, Mário Delgado - Guitar, José Salgueiro - Drums, Ricardo Toscano - Saxophone

17h30 – Eduardo Cardinho “Not Far From Paradise” – Small Auditorium CCB

Eduardo Cardinho, vibraphonist and composer based in Porto, presents his latest project "Not Far From Paradise", which resulted in the creation of an album that will be released in 2024 by the prestigious Barcelona label, Fresh Sound. Standing out as one of the most creative vibraphonists of his generation, known for his rhythmic approach and unique sound, Cardinho developed over the years his own voice on the vibraphone and invited some of the best musicians from the new generation of Portuguese jazz to be part of this project. 

Eduardo Cardinho – Vibrafone | Diogo Alexandre – Drums | Iúri Oliveira – Percussions | João  Mortágua - Alto Saxophone | José Diogo Martins – Rhodes and Synths | Frederico Heliodoro - Bass 

21h00 – NOUT - Small Auditorium CCB

The missing link between Nirvana and Sun Ra, the collaboration between Delphine Joussein, Rafaëlle Rinaudo and Blanche Lafuente aims to push their instruments beyond their limits, with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist in front of their bottles. Flute, harp, drums: a rare  combination that this trio turns upside down. Following John Zorn’s experiences on the frontiers of jazz and noise, NOUT imagine their music as a  scenario with surprising twists: we believe we are Ellen Ripley in Alien but we find  ourselves in Indiana Jones; we started with our eyes closed in the red seat of a cinema  and ended up swaying in a moshpit.

Delphine Joussein – flute | Rafaëlle Rinaudo – harp | Blanche Lafuente – drums

22h30 – Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos & Bernardo Tinoco – Small  Auditorium CCB 

In 2014, the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos launched a cycle dedicated to some of the  best new soloists in Portuguese jazz (which since 2019 has expanded to the entire  Iberian Peninsula). A body of instrumentalists with solid training and consistent activity,  musicians who wanted to bring something of their own to jazz, who dedicated  themselves to the fusion of styles and made personal artistic identities flourish. The new  record labels are incredibly dynamic, allowing the public to easily encounter the work  of a new generation of musicians. Why not, then, bring some of the worthiest  representatives of this generation to the rare context of a big band?  It is Bernardo Tinoco, saxophonist from Lisbon, who takes on the solo stand in the  concert with Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos, conducted by João Pedro Brandão. 


December 2nd and 3rd  Who stole the... Jazz! - Old Riding Arena of the Coach Museum
Theater play - at 11h00 and 19h00

It's a unique theater and music show about the history of jazz. In an idea by Carlos  Martins (Sons da Lusofonia) with original text by João Nunes (Produções Fictícias), it  recovers themes such as Limehouse, Prelude to a kiss, Shaw Nuff (Charlie Parker), So  what (Miles Davis), Impressions (Coltrane) or Lonely Woman and travels between  personalities and terms as vast as "cool jazz", "west coast", "hard bop", "the third  stream", "soul jazz" or "free jazz".

The most entertaining way to enter the world of jazz. Someone stole jazz! Between clues, evidence, witnesses and suspects, the task is  complicated enough to be the subject of an investigation. With humor, irreverence and above all a lot of music, "once upon a time... jazz" is an introduction to jazz and a journey through its history led by a Detective and his Assistant. This short story, told by an actor and a small live band in  the form of a police investigation, is an excellent introduction to the magic of jazz for  the very young: short songs with infectious rhythms and virtuoso soloists; for  connoisseurs, it's a delight to hear the great jazz songs.

December 2nd and 3rd  
Jam-sessions - Bairro Alto Common House - Cultural Center 

December 2nd and 3rd after 22h30 

One of the beauties of the Festa do Jazz is the meeting among the Portuguese jazz  community. There is no more joyful way to celebrate this meeting between students  and their idols than through the spontaneity of a Jam - speaking the same language,  the dialogue established between notes is mind-blowing. 

National Jazz Schools Meeting  

December 2nd and 3rd between 14h00 and 18h00 - Former Royal Riding Arena of the  Coach Museum

The National Schools Meeting is an event for the creation and development of public,  through pedagogy. We have heard great compositions by young musicians, who at this  Meeting can showcase their most recent works. We celebrate the interflow between  national Jazz schools! At the end of the performances of the National Schools Meeting,  the Honorable Mentions ceremony takes place, created with the aim of highlighting  young musicians and schools in the categories for “Best Combo” and “Best  Instrumentalist”, through the watchful eye of Artistic Direction of ASL together with a  panel of judges composed of João Custódio, Isabel Rato and Alexandre Frazão.  


  • Capricho Setubalense School of Jazz and Improvised Music 
  • Lusíada University of Lisbon 
  • Artistic School of Music of the National Conservatory 
  • Portimão Music Academy 
  • Coimbra Conservatory of Music Artistic School 
  • ART'J - Jobra Professional School of Performing Arts 
  • Barreiro Jazz School 
  • Porto Conservatory of Music 
  • Hot Club of Portugal School 
  • Lisbon School of Music 
  • School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE)

Presentation of the Seminar “ We Insist!”  Seminar about social inclusion through improvised music (Between concerts in CCB)

The last meeting held with the Europe Jazz Network (EJN) team for members of  international networks resulted in the choice of Lisbon for the last International Social  Inclusion Seminar to be held in March 2024, by ASL and EJN, which aims to discuss  strategies of social inclusion through improvised music and artistic practices.

Project Presentation - "Jazz Panorama"  (Between concerts in CCB)

Jazz Panorama will be a national guide, to be published online in Portuguese and  English, with information for national and international agents about Portuguese jazz in  its various forms: festivals, clubs, groups, institutions, etc. There will also be 30  biographies of 30 living Portuguese jazz musicians with an impact on the national jazz  scene and with potential for internationalization. 

Masterclass with John O’Gallagher  

Post-Tonal Approaches to Improvisation 

Expanding your melodic vocabulary beyond functional harmony with pitch-class sets,  this masterclass will discuss approaches to improvisation that involve tonal and atonal  theory. 

The range of topics to be discussed will include: 

  • * Post-tonal theory: Basic terms and concepts 
  • * Trichordal Pitch Class Sets: Practice Methods and Transformational Development * Improvisation using rows of twelve tones derived from trichordals * Trichordal formations in Coltrane's late-period music 
  • * Set class transitions through hexachord manipulation 
  • * Diatonic applications of post-tonal material

  “John O'Gallagher is considered one of the most interesting alto saxophonists and  composers on the international jazz scene. Based in New York for three decades, he is  known for his projects as a leader (The Anton Webern Project, Abacus, Trio) and as a  sideman, working in groups with acclaimed musicians such as Joe Henderson, Maria  Schneider, Kenny Wheeler, Dan Weiss and many others. With a discography of more  than 75 CDs, some of the recordings he has participated in have received four Juno  Award nominations, two Grammy Award nominations and a Grammy Award. John  O'Gallagher is a distinguished saxophonist and developed an innovative master's thesis  on the music of John Coltrane, mainly from his last phase, and will share his vast  knowledge and musicality with students from jazz schools across the country, the  professional musicians and the general public.” 

This is a practical masterclass, participants must bring their instruments. Free entry, subject to registration. 

Directed in English. 

RTP/Festa do Jazz Awards  (Between Concerts in CCB) 

The RTP/Festa do Jazz Awards were created to celebrate the partnership between the  Institutions, which, with a close eye on the Portuguese jazz community, seek to praise  artistic creation, in order to stimulate its practices and give notoriety to people and/or  organizations who, with talent and generosity, make the best of jazz and improvised  music in Portugal. 


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