Italian pianist Lorenzo De Finti will start the concert series on October 13, who will be joined by double bassist Stefano Dall'Ora, trumpeter Alberto Mandarini and drummer Marco Castiglioni. Lorenzo specializes in jazz and contemporary music, reflecting his influences from traveling and performing in Europe and the United States. He is also a lecturer and jazz radio host who conducts seminars and workshops on piano and keyboard performance and technical aspects. According to the Danish jazz magazine 'Jazz Special', 'it's high-class soulful chamber jazz played inspired by the 'Northern tone' we know from ECM records with Keith Jarrett or Jan Garbarek. A mix of jazz and new school compositional music”.

On October 20, in the studio of Latvian Radio 1, it will be possible to dive into the music created by another unusual Italian band with listening ears and an open heart. "Satoyama" is a group of four curious and courageous Italian musicians, always on a journey to the frontiers of contemporary music. This year they celebrate the tenth anniversary of this road and are ready to invite the public of Latvia to the anniversary party. Satoyama's music is woven with Northern European jazz influences, mixed together with experiments in both the acoustic and electronic fields. British jazz portal JazzViews says of the music by trumpeter Luca Benedetto, guitarist Christian Russano, double bassist Marco Bellafiore and drummer Gabriele Luttino: “This river of surreal sound is thought-provoking and, despite its weighty harshness, still has an elemental syrupy, reek of optimism that balances the melancholy and sentiment of the trumpet.”

On October 28, in Riga, it will be possible to enjoy American jazz of the highest quality, because then pianist Emmet Cohen will perform in the studio of Latvian Radio 1 together with double bassist Joey Ranieri and drummer Joe Farnsworth. Jazz pianist and composer Emmett Cohen is at the vanguard of his generation's musical development. An acknowledged child prodigy, Cohen began piano lessons at the age of three and quickly emerged as a young artist offering musicality, technique and a mature concept. The past is always present in Emmett's music, and his trio lives and plays according to the belief that all music and art is contemporary, because what is created in the moment lives alongside the artist. The legendary American jazz magazine "DownBeat" stated that "Cohen and his trio are able to create virtuosic, breath-taking music in a carefree and entertaining way that is an understated yet deeply grounded testament to the excellence of early jazz."

On November 3, the "Art of Riga Jazz" concert series will be closed by Laura Prince - a French-Togolese singer and composer with a broad perspective on the world of music. Together with pianist and arranger Gregory Privat from Martinique, she performs soulful melodies in Afro-Latin rhythms. Lora has always blended together her global music influences with a great legacy of blues and jazz voices. As read on the French jazz portal "Jazz in", listeners can expect "a voice full of deep and attractive, deep and sensual, gentle sensitivity with a slight hint of melancholy, with a tonality that is alternately quite dark or even furious." "Art of Riga Jazz" is a special series of improvisation and jazz music concerts for musically passionate listeners who appreciate high-quality artistic performance and new nuances of musical sound, as well as want to meet great and internationally recognized musicians in a more intimate atmosphere.

All concerts start at 19.00.

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