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Toine Thys Trio – La mélodie philosophale



Main target age group

4 - 9 years-old

Key artists

Toine Thys : Alto Sax
Eric Bribosia : Piano
Jens Bouttery : Drums

Practical information

A certain jazz story ... at sea, when three long-distance adventurers make children's eyes shine

Artistic idea

Three explorers, John, Jack & Jay engage the youngest in an epic stroll in search of a mysterious and mythical "philosophic melody" known for its healing powers but also for its capacity to neutralise conflicts and convert lead into gold. 

Rocked by a jazzy world of clarinet, saxophone, keyboards and percussions, we are taken to the warm and deep waters of the Indian Ocean and discover the aquatic fever and its procession of fantastic creatures before reaching the heart of the impetuous volcano Double Sharp. 

Toine Thys, author and narrator of this tale, accompanied by his companions, mixes original compositions and improvisation, and creates a magical world where narrative and music intertwine to charm the ears and the imaginary. 

Toine Thys has also been involved with numerous international companies, including internationally acclaimed musicians such as Ben Monder, Joe Lovano and Baba Sissoko, as well as Rackham and Toine Thys Trio. He surrounded himself in this new project with artists with a reputation more than established on the Belgian and foreign scene.

Booking contacts

Bartok Management: celine (at) bartok-management.com - Tel.: +32(0) 479 73 95 71






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