Jazz for Young People

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Main target age group

2-8 years

Key artists

Goran Kajfeš - trumpet
Goran Kajfeš (Nordic Music Prize 2011) is, since many years, an obvious authority at the very core in the Swedish music scene. A sought after session player, touring musician, arranger and producer. Goran has performed with José Gonzales, Stina Nordenstam, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Lester Bowie, and many many others.  He is written music to several movies and produced a number of albums on his own label Headspin Recordings and others including ”Clint” by Oddjob (ACT) that was named Jazz Album of the Year by Sunday Times in the UK 2010. Kajfeš debut Home (Blue Note) en 2000 , where a mulitude of influences was mixed into an appealing and spicy brew established him as being at the forefront of crossover visionary electro-jazz. The sequel, Oddjob (2003), Headspin (2005), Jazzoo (2014), Folk (2016) have won the Swedish Grammy Awards for best jazz album of the year, and others prize for the very same reasons.
Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson - sax alto, flute, bass clarinet
Daniel Karlsson – piano, rhodes, elec. organ 
Peter Forss – basse 
Lars Skoglund – drums
Helene Berg - VJ (video) 

Practical information

Duration : 40mn. // Concert with screen and video projector
Languages : spoken interventions adapted to the host country : english, french, swedish, german, danish, norwegian, etc….
Sensitization workshops: Intrument’s associations with animals and emotions to the music, presentation of each instruments, jazz and improvisation. Alternative 1 with drawing, Alternative 2 Alternative with rhythm (see the content as an attachment)                  
A visual jazzconcert for children and family is an interactive experience where animations of the animals are projected on a screen behind the band. 
Animations made by Adam Marko Nord  (Studio Alphaville, Stockholm) based on illustrations by british illustrator Ben Javens .
Audio book : of the music available for sale

Artistic idea

Originally conceived as a musical book without words for children to discover playfully jazz music (all kinds of jazz). Jazzoo is become a musical stage show featuring a delightful cartoon aimed at young and old alike, where a groovy, incredibly bubbly jazz combo creates a instrumental dialogue with the moving images to recount the adventures and misadventures of animals. 
An interactive show whose miniature stories cleverly illustrate the values of friendship, sharing, equality...
It’s a playful, exciting, and imaginative journey where neither the musicians, the children, nor the animals know how its going to end.
Will the porcupine make it across the road? And will the little fish be eaten by the big shark? 

Main costs

Price: to be negotiated because most promoters want series for this program, so it depends on the number of sessions per day and the number of days. 
Accommodation for touring party of 7 people (5 musicians + 1 videographer + 1 manager) 
For the technical rider, contact us because it can be adapted from the venue


Additional info

Awards for the best children's audio book/cd: Swedish Grammy Award 2014, Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros 2015, France, Coups de cœur french libraries 2016 and several other distinctions.
Télérama TTT (We absolute love this) (FR): "This type of animated concert for young children uses music in a simple, amusing fashion without ever losing its quality and originality. An excellent, joyous introduction to jazz."
All About Jazz, James Pearce (UK): "There are many memorable moments to be cherished on JAZZOO. Not only are there all the increasingly creative ways to recreate the sounds and movements of the different protagonists but there is also a range of complex musical textures and fine musicianship, which will no doubt be appreciated by even the most seasoned jazz listener."
Expressen (SE): "Jazzoo is to jazz what Saint Saëns 'The Carnival of Animals’ is to classical music when it comes to teaching children about music."
La Gazette Bleue d'Action Jazz (FR): "This project which uses music - real jazz music will blow you away. It's a gamble that pays off. I can't wait to play it for my 20-month old grandchildren and help them discover the wonderful world of jazz."
Dagens Nyheter 5/5 (SE): "A mindblowing experience for all ages."

Booking contacts

Martine Croce – Autre Rivage (Management & World booking excluding Scandinavia)
martine.croce (at) autrerivage.com









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