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Catapluf’s Musical Journey



Main target age group

5 – 7 years (can be extended to 11 years)

Key artists

Adriano Adewale (percussion) - A versatile musician, performer, composer and respected educator, Adriano is known for his unconventional and exploratory approach to music and his ability to create magical soundscapes from the ordinary and everyday. He is the leader of Umpatacum Afro-Brazilian band and the Adriano Adewale Group. 

Jenny Adejayan (cello)
Marcelo Andrade (saxophones / flutes / acoustic guitar) 
Giuliano Pereira (saxophone/ flute/ guitar)
Andres Ticino (percussion)

Practical information

Length: 50 minutes
Format: concert with lighting and audio 
Language: no spoken word involved (wordless concert)
Audience participation: yes (call and response, movement)
Workshops: can be arranged (percussion)
CD: audio CD of the music available for sale

Artistic idea

Explore rhythms and sounds of the world with Catapluf, whose imagination takes you to places where music can be found in everything: pans, water, drums, even the body. Catapluf’s Musical Journey includes samba, jazz, klezmer and plenty of audience participation.

Commissioned by the EFG London Jazz Festival, Catapluf’s Musical Journey is a new work by multi-instrumentalist Adriano Adewale (Brazil/UK), aimed at children aged 5-7. Catapluf’s Musical Journey is 50 minutes long and can be performed at festivals, concert halls, or in schools. The performance features Jenny Adejayan on cello, Marcelo Andrade and Giuliano Pereira both on saxophone, flute and guitar, Andres Ticino on percussion and Adriano Adewale on – saucepans and everything else!

Main costs

Price: to be negotiated 
Travel and accommodation for touring party of 6 people (5 x musicians + audio engineer).

Additional info

“One of the best shows for children I’ve ever seen.”
Lennart Strömbäck, Artistic Director, Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden

‘There was wit and humour and audience participation; but this was a serious show that relies on the accessibility of the music and the joie de vivre of the performers rather then tricks and gimmicks…a true world music Pied Piper’
Songlines  Magazine

Booking contacts

Adriano Adewale: adrianoadewale (at) gmail.com




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