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Tal Gamlieli Trio - Green Pilot Tour

"They travelled by train which is as relaxed a way as possible for tours. Also a big success was the fact that the artists connected with audiences sharing the idea of a new way of touring in the context of climate change, encouraging environmental awareness among as many people as possible."

The tour
Barcelona-based Taller de Músics and JAZZ I AM worked in partnership to organise a tour by the Israeli artist Tal Gamlieli. His trio performed in venues in France, Germany and Poland in a week-long, five date tour.

Touring more sustainably
The tour’s aim was to reduce its environmental impact. One of the ways this was achieved was by the use of a single flight to and from the artists’ country of origin and then travelling from one city to another by train. 

The tour did not produce any physical materials such as concert programmes or CDs, instead everything was included on a QR code on a sustainable flyer (on recycled paper) with seeds embedded. Once used, this flyer can be planted and given a second life. 

The venues on the tour committed to promoting sustainability on concert days and to not generate single-use plastic waste. 

In addition, a percentage of the profits from this tour were given to a reforestation project Reforesta.

The musicians reported that the logistics were always under control and smooth, artistically the concerts worked very well and the reactions of audiences were amazing. In each concert  they shared the story of their green tour with their audiences, also sharing the card made of seeds with a QR code to stream their music.

They really enjoyed the experience and hope that it will be an example for other musicians, artistic directors, management companies, booking agents etc.

What’s next?
For partner Taller de Músics, this first Green Pilot Tour has been a turning point. The organisation has applied to Musicaire Call (green recovery) with an ambitious project. Whether selected or not, this Green Pilot Tour has boosted the team to more sustainable decisions in Taller de Músics actions.

The details 
4.11.2023 Jammin’Juan Festival (Antibes, France)
8.11.2023  Jazzclub Unterfahrt (Munich, Germany)
9.11.2023 Enjoy Jazz Festival (Ludwigshafen, Germany)
10.11.2023 Kulturzentrum Mon Ami (Weimar, Germany)
11.11.2023 Jazzment Klub (Szcezin, Poland)


Case studies

North Sea String Quartet toured Sweden from 28 November through 4 December 2023. The Dutch quartet performed at 5 locations in the Knutpunkt network of venues, plus 2 jazz clubs in Gothenburg.
The tour consisted of 4 cities in 4 countries: Coutances (France), Leuven (Belgium), Cologne (Germany) and Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and was accompanied by Marja Mortensson's baby.
Budapest Music Centre's Opus Jazz Club organized an EJN Green Pilot tour in April 2023 in close cooperation with No Earplugs Booking Agency and the Norwegian band (Exit) KNARR.