Call for EJN Green Pilot Tours - support scheme for members



We are very happy to launch the first call for EJN support to the members: the EJN Green Pilot Tours!

We would like to thank the task-force of EJN members that helped us to build the application and evaluation processes in the previous months, for the great work done. The task force was composed by Wim Wabbes (EJN President, Handelsbeurs Concert Hall, BE), Kenneth Killeen (EJN Treasurer, Improvised Music Company, IE), Karolina Juzwa (Wytwórnia Foundation/International Jazz Platform, PL), Carine Zuber (Suisse Diagonales Jazz, CH) and Bogdan Benigar (Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, SI), supported by the EJN Staff.

Please DOWNLOAD HERE (pdf file, 160 KB) the guidelines of the call, read them carefully since they include all the relevant information and links for you to prepare your application and complete the online form. Here below are summarised some key information:

A Green Pilot Tour is an artistic project’s tour between at least four different venues or festivals and involving at least two EJN members. It should focus on innovative touring models based on the principles of sustainable touring and fair and balanced practices in the music sector.

The general objective of the Green Pilot Tours Call is to give financial support to the EJN members to help them implement measures to organise a tour based on the principles of sustainability, fair remuneration, inclusion and gender balance.

The specific objectives are:

  • Increase collaboration and exchanges between the EJN members;
  • Foster trans-national mobility of artists;
  • Envisage and implement more sustainable ways of touring;
  • Encourage a more diverse and gender-balanced programming;
  • Develop communication and dissemination strategies to promote environmental sustainability in the music sector.

The overall available budget for this call is € 32.000,00. The maximum contribution which can be granted to each Green Pilot Tour, according to the number of band members and concerts, is € 6.000,00 (VAT included).

In order to be eligible, applications must be presented by a single active* EJN member meeting the following criteria:

  • Each application must involve at least two active* EJN members from two different countries;
  • Each application must include a minimum of four concerts/cities;
  • Only two flights (collectively, for the whole band and only if completely unavoidable) are allowed per each tour proposal. Flights are considered unavoidable when a possible train travel takes more than 6 hours;
  • The band leader and majority of band members must be residing in countries where EJN members are located;
  • A Green Pilot Tour must involve international touring. The band leader and majority of band members cannot play in their own residing country;
  • All the dates of the Green Pilot Tour must be consequential (i.e. the tour must happen in “one leg”). However, days off for travelling and resting are possible, and the applicants are encouraged to organise additional activities with the artists in those dates;
  • All artists and professionals involved in the Green Pilot Tour must receive a fair pay for their services, in accordance with the standards of the respective country.

Applications must be submitted by the leader organisation by maximum Friday 30 September 2022 by completing the online application form at the following link:

* EJN Bylaw: Article 5.1- active Members are members that, after admittance, pay the annual membership subscription