Green Pilot Tour of Lara Rosseel Quintet in Sweden



When two similar touring networks from two different countries get together, things happen! JazzLab (Belgium) and Knutpunkt (Sweden) decided to collaborate and set up an exchange of musicians in their respective networks, and this is the result: In January 2023, the five musicians and the sound technician of the Lara Rosseel Quintet (BE) and all their instruments get squeezed into a tour van and drive to Sweden. The first stop is Svalöv, where they will give a clinic for the jazz students of the Fridhem Folkhögskola. After that, there are 6 consecutive days of concerts, in Halmstad, Lidköping, Vänersborg, Lerum, Partille and Helingsborg, in a nice round tour of south-west Sweden. This tour is partly made possible by EJN’s brand new support activity Green Pilot Tours. Thank you, EJN!

Later on, in May Swedish vocalist Hannah Tolf will be touring with a Belgian band The Milk Factory in Belgium. This new collaboration started as a coproduction of Bozar in Brussels, where they had their premiere in September 2022. Between 5 May and 13 May the band plays 8 concerts all over Flanders and Brussels, and they are releasing an album together in April.