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Main target age group



Key artists

The Geordie Approach:
Petter Frost Fadnes – alto saxophone/electronics
Chris Sharkey – guitar/electronics
Ståle Birkeland –drums/percussion
Håkon Holmåd – sound

Practical information

Supersonics is a concert production, with interactive elements for audience participation. 
The performance is best suited a small/medium black-box concert hall.
Technical: Suitable PA, the PA should have separate Sub speakers in order to protect your top range boxes. Some of the instruments/effects cannot be heard acoustically, so we will need a PA however small the venue is. 3 monitor sends via 3 monitor wedges.
The duration is approx. 40 min. 

Artistic idea

Have you ever thought about how music is made? Have you ever asked yourself if traffic-noise or the sound of a washing machine or a kitchen blender can be musical? Some say that any noise can be beautiful as long as you listen. In fact, some say that noise is only noisy if you don’t listen, and that noise becomes music when you decide. Pretty magic?
SUPERSONICS are pioneering explorers of sound! Through improvisations, supersonic technology and sheer willpower, Petter, Chris and Ståle create exciting, mind blowing music ranging from strange sounds to beautiful melodies and hefty beats. The three musicians playfully negotiate a whole array of styles and genres, presenting a performance where noise, sounds, timbre, melodies, rhythms, and even moods, blend together in improvised, supersonic style.   

Main costs

Fee: 2000 Euros for single performance (negotiable down if the promoter can offer several concerts in the same venue/area). 

Booking contacts

Petter Frost Fadnes: petter (at) fadnes.com


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