Stadtgarten Köln


STADTGARTEN Concert Hall & Klub JAKI

With more than 400 events each year the program of the STADTGARTEN covers an impressive array of concerts, clubnights and readings. Here, different styles of music take the center stage. However, Jazz still is the focal point of the musical program. The Stadtgarten strives to present new and innovative concepts that lead away from cliché-ridden paths and mainstream aspirations, as well as famous musicians and their timeless ideas. In this context, we especially pay attention to developments in present concepts of improvised music. It is here where we find the most interesting shapes and shades of music at the beginning of the 21st century, but also current developments of rock and pop music, new electronic music and singer-/songwriter concepts can also be followed at the Stadtgarten.

Reihen / Concert Series:

Jazz at JAKI
Every Saturday, 8pm at Klub JAKI

Every Friday, 8pm at Klub JAKI
"Singer/Songwriters & Pop"

NICA live
First Monday in the month, 8pm at Klub JAKI
"Jazz & Improvisation"

Tom-Tom Club (local djs)
Every Saturday, 11pm at Klub JAKI

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