свобода і мир - Freedom and Peace

A concert in solidarity with Ukraine and its music scene

Together with the Ukrainian musician Tamara Lukasheva, who lives in Cologne, we are organising a solidarity concert at Stadtgarten Cologne for the musicians living and working in Ukraine on the day the war began. The composer and singer is particularly concerned that, despite the sad occasion, the evening should be a coming together to celebrate life. For this special concert evening she invites numerous musical companions from Germany as well as some of her Ukrainian colleagues whom we supported with funds and donations from our first charity concert on 1st March 2022. Some of them now live in Cologne and North Rhine-Westphalia. Also invited are four musicians from Odessa.

The programme will be correspondingly diverse with different styles: traditional songs and chants, jazz and improvisation, but also classical, pop and rock. Some of the appearing musicians will be Matthias Schriefl, Jakob Kühnemann, Mathieu Clement and Leon Hattori from Cologne, the duo Oleg Kadanov & Stanislav Konosov from Ukraine, a trio from Odessa - Subbotin Oleg, Dima Ryzhuk & Subbotina Marina - and many more. The programme will be constantly updated on our website.

With the help of Lukasheva, all proceeds and donations will go directly to the musicians living and working in Ukraine. The ticket price is at least 20,- EUR, further donations are explicitly welcome.