Music Meeting Festival

Cutting right across styles, genres and cultures, Music Meeting Festival had been providing a platform for over 35 years for the world’s best artists: musicians who have rarely or never performed in the Netherlands, with new projects or in special line-ups. During the festival weekend, Park Brakkenstein in Nijmegen is traditionally the setting for musical encounters, with over thirty concerts spread over three days and dozens of side program activities to offer context, stories and background, and to meet the artists. Music Meeting Festival takes place during pentecoast weekend. Next festival takes place 27, 28 and 29 May 2023.

Music Meeting Festival does not limit itself to one music genre, but programmes a very range, covering everything from new co-productions by noted jazz musicians and the latest salsa from Cuba to Asian avant-garde, and everything – everywhere – in between. The organisation is managed by a general director and artistic director.

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The tour consisted of 4 cities in 4 countries: Coutances (France), Leuven (Belgium), Cologne (Germany) and Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and was accompanied by Marja Mortensson's baby.