Doek is a collective of improvising musicians, founded in 2001. Doek is a non-profit and has received structural support from the Dutch government since its inception. The aim of the collective is to develop, promote and disseminate improvised music. At the moment the collective has a core of 7 members who work together with a coordinator to present concerts, initiate projects, give workshops and master classes and organise the yearly Doek Festival. The festival has been running since 2001 and is programmed by the Doek members. It focuses on improvisation and related art forms (dance, film, spoken word).

The aim of the festival is to present new developments, to highlight musicians who we feel deserve more attention and to spotlight interesting scenes. The festival has the EFFE label for 2019-2010. Doek also presents a monthly series in Amsterdam, combining impro concerts with a party night.

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