Doek Festival 2019: The Market & Saturnalia

Doek Festival 2019: The Market & Saturnalia
Bimhuis       14 and 15 June
Sexyland     16 june
Music, theatre and improvisation: a kaleidoscope of sound and colour, with a super line-up of musicians and performers.
Welcome to The Market! For two days full of music and art the Bimhuis will be transformed into a real market where a myriad of exchanges take place, from goods and services to smells, flavours, cultures, sounds, glances, blushes, curses and currency. All sorts of music can be heard at the same time until the musicians begin to play together and one or more performers step forward. It might be a musician, but could just as easily be a dancer, orator or rabble-rouser.
Each evening in the Bimhuis has its own character and atmosphere. On Friday 14 June the public wanders through the city chaos, on Saturday 16 June they can get lost in a bazaar.
The Market is an initiative of the eight musicians from the Amsterdam impro collective Doek. Eric Boeren, John Dikeman, Kaja Draksler, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Wilbert de Joode, Michael Moore, Jasper Stadhouders and Wolter Wierbos have made new work especially for the two themes. As with earlier Doek festivals, this time there are also special guests - actors, theatre makers, dancers, musicians and performers.
14 June
Wander through the city chaos and enjoy the raw diversity of the metropolis. Urban rhythms and fleeting sounds form the backdrop for an evening bursting with performances. Fresh compositions and juicy impro on sale! 
15 June
Get lost in the bazaar full of unfamiliar smells, colours and sounds. Put on your most radiant raiments and allow yourself to be enticed by our wares. Stimulating improvisations from all corners of the world.
16 June with Bacchanalia
We end the festival with a party for head and feet. Starting off in the late afternoon with small group improvisations, we pause for dinner on site, before all the musicians come together in Bacchanalia: La Orquesta, a 12-piece ensemble tearing up some Latin rhythms.  Then DJ Phonautograph keeps everyone on their feet with sounds from around the world.