EJN Staff Exchange Programme

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Previous participant: TUGÇE ALPASLAN

From: Jazz Society of Turkey/Ankara Jazz Festival (Turkey)
To: Manchester Jazz Festival (UK)
29 July - 02 August 2017


Exchange Report

I’ve been in Manchester, England for 4 days to experience a festival other than my culture. It is a very important program for both sides. Not only me but also them share lots of information. We discussed problems, sponsorhips, line-up and many details we became face to face during the year.

Manchester Jazz Festival is a charity organisation which is similar with us. Therefore we realize the issues do not change in the world  Steve, EJ, Maddy, Alex and all the festival team were so welcomed and friendly. Second day of the festival I felt like I was one of the team. In many cases Steve inspired me to gave courage plan in my festival. I met some of the artists, musicians, volunteers, I randomly walked around one gig to another. Daily I’ve been attend approximately 11 gigs. Days were full of music form world, jazz, punk, contemprorary.

Steve is responsible for all the combination of musician, venue and timing which similar with me therefore his line-up planned so proffesionally. They never hide or behaved in ignorance sharing knowledge or operational details. All our conversations were open-minded and supports both of our daily works. I can honestly say that this program should be permanent and maybe you could built up more and more for upcoming years. I am so glad & lucky to be involve this program and I believe Manchester Jazz Festival was the perfect choice because our structure were so similar.