EJN Staff Exchange Programme

This programme offers to representatives of EJN member organisations the chance to spend up to max. 8 days learning from each other, sharing experiences, and getting an insight into a foreign (working) culture in the thriving sector that is jazz and creative music in Europe. Our hope is also that the exchange will be a chance to increase collaborations and develop new projects between EJN members, with the view of making our network even stronger and more connected!

7th EJN Staff Exchange programme

Professional mobility experience for members

Europe Jazz Network is pleased to offer to its members, after the success of the first six editions and thanks to the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, a 7th round of the staff exchange programme for its members. The idea behind the programme is that one active (*) EJN member sends an interested staff to another active EJN member organisation in a different country.

Please check the reports of previous participants to the EJN Staff Exchange programme here: http://www.europejazz.net/activity/77702/case-studies

7th EJN Staff Exchange in brief:

EJN will support a limited number of exchanges (approximately 12, depending on the allocated budget and expenses claimed)  between active EJN member organisations in the period between January 1st and December 31st, 2024.
Every exchange is “one-directional” (not a twinning programme) but two exchanges can be arranged between organisations in order to be reciprocal.
Participants in the exchange shall be staff members (full/part time, collaborators) of the sending organisation. As the exchange is primarily conceived as a learning experience we encourage YOUNGER participants from member organisations to apply.
Areas of work to be covered during the exchange include: Organisation/management of cultural events; Project management/development of new collaborations; Communication/promotion/marketing; Network coordination (for national/regional organisations); Institutional activities/fundraising; Logistical/production management among others;
Duration of the  exchange period supported by EJN is of up to max. 8 consecutive days at the host organisation’s premises.
The sending organisation should contact in advance the host organisations, check about their availability to host the exchange and agree a draft schedule for the exchange work programme. EJN staff will check that an application meets the basic criteria for taking part in the exchange and will then select participants on the quality of the work programme proposed. Priority will be given to members organisations that didn’t participate to the previous editions of the EJN Staff Exchange.
Each participant will be requested to send a report to EJN at the end of the exchange, indicating the work done/lesson learnt/personal evaluation of the experience, together with some images/videos from the exchange. The report will be used in the EJN website and communications. Participants will be also asked to document their experience through social media posts including photos and videos. A short survey will be requested to the host member organisation.

How to apply:

In order to apply for the exchange the applicant should fill the following form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ejnstaffxchange7 
DEADLINE for sending an application is Sunday 10 December 2023
For the full list of EJN members and an insight in their activities please check: http://www.europejazz.net/members

EJN will cover:

TRANSPORTATION costs (flight/train/bus/ferry) forth and back for each participant in the exchange between the city/area of the sending organisation to the city/area of the host organisation on the base of the most convenient fare, for a maximum of 300€ for each exchange;
PLEASE NOTE: in order to incentivize the use of sustainable means of transportation and to cover resulting additional costs, the maximum reimbursement for transportation ENTIRELY by train can be of max 350€, instead of 300€.
PLEASE NOTE: for short distances of under 600 km, travelling by aeroplane is only allowed in exceptional and well justified cases:
for persons with disabilities
for travelling from or to an island with no ferry connections
due to force majeure or grave personal circumstances

A contribution to ACCOMODATION costs (hotel/bnb/etc...) for each participant for the duration of the exchange up to max. 100€ per day (per max. 8 consecutive days). If accommodation expenses exceed 100€ per night, the difference must be covered either by the participant or by the sending/host organisation;
A DAILY ALLOWANCE up to max. 50€ per day to cover food and internal transportation expenses of the participant. The allowance will be based on actual expenses and will be reimbursed directly to participants upon submission of original receipts and a request for reimbursement (this means that if you spend more than € 50 per day, you will be reimbursed € 50 per day, if you spend less than € 50, you will be reimbursed the exact amount you spent according to the receipts the participants will provide). 
EJN GREEN RIDER: please consult and follow the EJN green rider for other aspects related to the exchange experience, for example related to the chapters “accommodations”, “green office”, “green organisations” of the organisers section: https://www.europejazz.net/green-rider/promoter-organisers.html 

For the complete information about the 7th EJN Staff Exchange please check this document.

(*) EJN Bylaws art. 5.1 “The Association consists of active members that, after admittance, pay the EJN annual membership subscription”