Jazz Society

Boğaz Sokak No:4/14 Kavaklıdere Çankaya
Jazz Association has a archive for jazz and improvised music presenting information about festivals, organizations, venues. 

Jazz Society is an non-profit organisation. ıt was established in Ankara in 1996. Every year International Ankara Jazz Festival held in May in Ankara, Turkey since 1996. Venues, jazz clubs, university campuses, parks and openair concert halls mostly preferred. On the other hand society do organisations around the Turkey such as workshops, exhibitions, jazz concerts, seminars, etc.

Society also supports jazz education with its bursar fund. A young talented jazz musician education financially supported by the festivals’ ticket income. Not the full cost but daily or hostel expenses mainly covered. This year in Turkey the first jazz academy was opened in academically. Society had also started to improve the fund rising with the university.

We do collaborations with jazz musicians from Europe. Invite them to our festival or any related organisations in our country. Moreover embassy’s cultural affairs highly supported our society to expose jazz art both in Turkey and Europe with an effective co-operations.



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