Jazz for Young People

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Novara Jazz Kids



Main target age group

Children (boys and girls) 3 to 10 years old

Key artists

Vito Emanuele Galante (trumpet, electronics)
Francesco Chiapperini (clarinet)
Davide Merlino (percussion, toys)

Practical information

Performances: Concerts, Animated Readings with live music, Artistic  and Creative Music Workshops, Fairytale Jazz Nights. Locations to be chosen in order to involve both the city and its countryside. 

Artistic idea

The project is part of Born for Music Project  that enhances the importance of music as pedagogical, emotional, cultural environment of the child's life since early days. Music as a natural, immediate, universal language through which emotions flow freely through the mind and body with no mediation.
Jazz is well suited to this kind of musical approach due to its wide range of free expressions.  Jazz is inclusive for children, where cultures, lifestyles, and their contaminations, merge with multidisciplinary modes of expressions, including dance, art, literature, fairy tales.

Additional info

Available seats limited. Advance booking recommended

Booking contacts

info (at) novarajazz.org


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