Two new entries in Doek Collective



We are very pleased to welcome two wonderful musicians – Ada Rave reeds and Marta Warelis piano – to the Doek collective. We have been following their paths for quite some time, since Ada took part in the Dutch Impro Academy and Marta studied with Michael Moore in Groningen, and it’s been great to see how they have become integral and indispensable members of Amsterdam’s impro scene. 
We continue our monthly series in Amsterdam at De Ruimte, Space is the Place and The Second Stop is Jupiter. Happening the second Friday of every month, these nights present a one-two punch of improvised music: Space is the Place focusing on Doek solos and ensembles and The Second Stop is Jupiter featuring groups that utilize improvisation mixed with various genres that can get an audience dancing like there's no tomorrow. These nights have been very successful and manage to bring a diverse audience that easily fill the dance floor. Here's a great video by frequent Doek collaborators Seeltje van Boeckel & Elsie Vermeer.