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  AVAILABLE FOR CONCERTS IN EUROPE special Christmas programme !   special Christmas programme new album ! TOUR PERIODS:  November, December 2012 spring & summer 2013 AN AFRICAN CHRISTMAS with MOZULUART & AMBASSADE STRING QUARTET an ensemble of the VIENNA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA DECEMBER 2012/2013 "If Mozart was still alive he would have been proud to see two cultures meeting together to celebrate his music and bringing it to an audience that never imagined that one day they will be sitting, nodding their heads and tapping their feet to his compositions..." BOOK A CONCERT WITH MOZULUART TOUR PERIODS Christmas Programme2012/13: December TOUR PERIODS Regular Programme: all year long Territory: The World Travelling Party: 9 Label: Universal Music BOOKING CONTACTS: General booking enquiries: world: UK: Italy: WEBSITE: MoZuluArt   BBC London: "the hippest hips in town" (about the recent performance of the Mahotella Queens during the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations) BOOK A CONCERT WITH THE QUEENS TOUR PERIODS 2012: 22 November - 15 December TOUR PERIODS 2013: Jan/Feb - spring & summer Exclusive territory: Europe & USA Travelling Party: 7-8 (6 musicians on stage) WATCH A VIDEO: live in the Netherlands 2011 LISTEN TO: Kazet   South Africa´s legendary Mahotella Queens: Hilda Tloubatla, Nobesuthu Mbadu and Mildred Mangxola are indeed queens - The Mahotella Queens - 3 doyennes, who since the mid-sixties, have been singing, dancing and selling-out shows worldwide. What is still making them so special ... Maybe 40-plus years of performing together, that makes it seem that these sisters have been doing it forever ... After their successful concerts in Hyde Park during the Jubilee Celebrations for THE QUEEN in in June 2012 the Mahotella Queens will be back on tour in November. ATTENTION: The Mahotella Queens will be available also in December 2012 and 2013 with a special Christmas programme ! More about this on request. MAIN BOOKING CONTACT: BOOKING CONTACT UK: BOOKING CONTACT FRANCE:   BA CISSOKO travelled around "new world music "stages all over the world the past 10 years. The complicity between the musicians is infallible and the reputation of their ebullient groove has never been denied... Ba Cissoko are an outstanding live act ! Almost a "must book" for presenters of world music - but also indie - even rock and jazz presenters should at least watch the videos here on the right side ... _______________________________________________ Ba Cissoko are coming with their new album "Nimissa" which was recorded and mixed by Philippe Eidel (Khaled, Gypsy Kings …) and marks a turning point in the band’s career… New album: Nimissa (Cristal Record) BA CISSOKO ON ARTE LIVE WEB VIDEO ONE: KORA ROCKS VIDEO TWO:   NIMISSA   BOOK A CONCERT BA CISSOKO TOUR PERIODS 2012: end of October into November TOUR PERIODS 2013: spring & summer Territory: Europe Travelling Party: 6-9 BOOKING CONTACTS EUROPE: General booking enquiries: GAS & EASTERN COUNTRIES: UK: EU/head WEBSITE: BA CISSOKO __________________________________________________   Please get in touch with us now if you are interested to book a concert or simple get more information. We are looking forward to receiving your mail and get in touch with you. Thank you in advance for your interest ! Best wishes and kind regards, your GRIOT team Marion von Gaudecker, Katja Plasse  Wolf v. Kap-herr, Heike Lieske, Rudolf Hasselblatt & Wulf v. Gaudecker PS: Get more information about our programme on our websites: GRIOT GRIOT UK