Griot GMBH

Gut Horst 7,
MUSIC Over the course of almost two decades GRIOT became Europe`s leading source for African music with a main focus on South African music. Further more GRIOT established as a specialist for high class jazz and classical music based on influences from the Southern continents and islands.
PHILOSOPHY Our philosophy over all these years didn´t follow the charts only, but our own musical taste and the search of young talents that we discovered and accompanied on their way. Griot´s artist roster always has been a mixture of headliners, grand old masters and newcomers.
GRIOThas never been a booking agency only, but an interface between artists, promoters, lables and media. We brought musicians from different genres and artists from various disciplines together and produced shows like "Africa at the Philharmoinics" or directed cooperations between classical symphony-orchestras and African artists or jazz musicians. GRIOT also produced special events for companies, NGO´s and the German Government like " The Africa Gala of the Deutscher Bundestag at Paul Löbe Haus Berlin or the Africa Day at Fifa Fan Fest Berlin - find many more examples below.
EVENTS Probably no other agency in Germany is as profiled and experienced as Griot when it comes to cooperations between "third-world" institutions or constitutions related to the German government and artists from the Southern hemisphere. Since almost two decades Griot managed several highlights in this spere - probably the most prominent amongst them all was the cultural management of the Africa Pavillion during the Expo 2000.
EDUCATION GRIOT offeres in job-training and trainees and officially teaches young people in the event business. So far all young peopole that we trained landed jobs in labels, event-agencies or venues and institutions.
BOOKING AND MANAGEMENT GRIOT is booking artists worldwide and exclusive. GRIOT does not only work as a booking agency, but (most of the time ) also functions like a management for the artists - at least delivers mangement services in addition to a European network of bookers that do teamwork with us.