Jazz, music for the soul

Over time, music has been an essential part of society. We also know that music plays an important role in every person's life because it can influence our gestures and our way of thinking. It is true that the genre of music that you listen to is the one that best defines your personality.

Jazz is a style of music for the soul in the first place. Many companies around the world play jazz music for a few minutes during the working day because it gives the employees new strength and power, inspires them to a more qualitative and creative thing. We have discovered that companies like Guaranteed Loans Now, whose employees deal with the constant pressure of providing the best customer care to its clients, are very fond of using jazz as a mean of calming down the spirits. The same can be spotted in Transunion and Metrolina Credit.

By listening to jazz, we tend to relax and meditate. This music often brings us a right state of mind. Jazz has its origins in blending the various musical traditions of African black slaves. From the African tradition derives scheme on a complex rhythmic background, which leads to the syncopation of songs performed by various instruments. Other sources of jazz are composed of rural songs of cotton pickers, in a blues style, swing songs, and religious songs. Songwriters and music players have added some elements of European music (marches, hymns, folk music), especially some harmonies and accords, as principles of organizing specific musical forms.