Arco y Flecha



Arco y Flecha has been in development since 1995, and since then has worked as a producer for first-line events all over Spain and abroad, realizing ideas, adapting proposals and services based on the customers needs and the characteristics of the project at hand, as well as meeting and improving goals, and always at the forefront, with our sights set on the evolution of the performing arts.

We offer services and advice for the following areas:

  • Creating concepts, programming and artistic contracts.
  • Marketing strategies, promoting, media and press, digital marketing and web 2.0.
  • Integrated design of the project, organization, planning and budget management.
  • Preparation of 3D and CAD drawings.
  • Budget management and auxiliary services (machinery, security, cleaning, etc.).
  • Audiovisual Production technique.
  • Infrastructure (marquee, structures, stages, preparation of land, fences, closed circuit security, etc.).
  • Processing of permits, licenses, certificates of facilities and projects.
  • Recruitment and coordination of qualified technical staff (technical engineering, logistics, road management, working from heights, stage manager, loading, unloading, etc.).
  • Management and administration of costs of the events.
  • Coordination and logistics of transportation, accommodation and care of the artists.
  • Facilities and audiovisual recordings (video clips, concerts, making-off).

With follow-ups done from the earliest phases of the project until its execution and closing.

Some of our clients and events are: