The European Jazz Conference 2018 goes to Lisbon!

We are really happy to announce that the 5th European Jazz Conference will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Centre Cultural de Belém between 13 and 16 September 2018.
The Conference will be co-organised by the Europe Jazz Network (EJN), Associação Sons da Lusofonia (ASL), organiser of the Portuguese Jazz Fest/ Festa do Jazz in Lisbon, and the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), one of the cultural landmarks of the city in the famous historic quarter of Belém, with the support of the Municipality of Lisbon, the Lisbon Tourism Association, the Ministry of Culture and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
The vibrant city on the Tagus River in September 2018 will host delegates from the jazz sector from all over Europe and beyond in order to share knowledge and discuss about future directions of the jazz sector. The Conference will also be the perfect occasion to showcase the many great artists now on the Portuguese jazz scene and will give impulse to different stakeholders in the cultural scene of the country to work together and coordinate their efforts.
Carlos Martins, Artistic Director of Associação Sons da Lusofonia, comments: “We are looking forward to this opportunity for the Europe Jazz Network to strengthen its presence in Southern Europe and promote equity and integration while highlighting the diversity that is represented in the European Union. If we want to empower our network of European jazz, we need to open up to other perspectives and design our actions with a greater geographical scope. Lisbon, as a global harbour eager to discover other geo-centralities and gain new positive influence, is the perfect starting point. The Portuguese capital, located directly on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, is an important inspiration to perceive jazz as a music that represents freedom, curiosity and interaction to preserve knowledge and oral tradition in a world that has become more complex than ever. Oceans of creativity can inspire to think about the fluidity of human creation and ecology of cultural and artistic productions.“
About the European Jazz Conference
The European Jazz Conference is a leading annual gathering of professionals from the jazz sector in Europe, in particular of promoters, cultural managers, agents and national/regional support organisations. What has been the General Assembly of the Europe Jazz Network, from 2014 has been expanded and is now open as well to other professionals under the name of European Jazz Conference.
The European Jazz Conference is composed of inspiring keynote speeches, high-level discussion groups and workshops, networking sessions for professionals of the creative music sector, cultural visits and in the evenings a showcase festival of the best new artists from the host country, Portugal in 2018.
The European Jazz Conference is a unique event, the only one of its kind in Europe, centred on building long-lasting relationships, developing new projects and artistic collaborations, sharing expertise and getting up to date with the newest management and programming trends. Moreover, the Conference is about learning about music scenes and best practices from all around the world, including countries beyond Europe.
Information about the European Jazz Conference 2017 taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 21-24 September, are available at: