Digital Primitives COOPER-MOORE, piano, diddley-bo, percussion, flute, ashimba, mouth bow, hoe-handle harp. ASSIF TSAHAR, tenor sax, bass clarinet. CHAD TAYLOR, drums. Available dates on tour, from March 1 until 17, 2013 “Take a touch of blues-edged funk, add some free jazz (of both the howling and Eastern-meditative varieties), a dash of African percussion and a sprinkling of didgeridoo, and you may (or may not) begin to get some idea of the musical gumbo served up by Cooper-Moore, Taylor and Tsahar on Digital Primitives. And if you don\'t know your Bo Diddley from your diddley bow, then all will become clear on the opening track, “Turn it Up”. Cooper-Moore plays a chugging Bo Diddley-style riff on a one-stringed American instrument of African origin, fetchingly named a diddley bow. This instrument substitutes for a bass and in Moore\'s hands, a rhythm guitar, too. The trio\'s energy level is high, and Tsahar riffs and blows freely on this funky, dance-floor roots number.” Ian Paterson, Allaboutjazz "I wouldn\'t count on hearing another one like this anytime soon but for now it\'s the freshest thing around." Brian Morton , WIRE "“Phantastic” is too small a word. So is “excellent” and even “amazing”. These superlatives, wild and right as they are, downplay the show of "Digital Primitives" as they do not express the main feeling that arouse in the lucky ones who saw them in action – happiness in the face of the rare meeting with music in its most pure and free manifestation. Music that emerged from a deep, primal even childish place, where the accepted distinctions between simple and abstract, serious and eccentric, accessible and esoteric seem artificial and fake." HA\'ARETZ -Ben Shalev "Digital Primitives is a hard-funkin\' blues trio that grinds on free jazz. Really unlike anything I\'ve heard in jazz right now. Digital Primitives revealed improvisation as a soulful journey. If I have to holler, dance and writhe, I will follow Digital P rimitives wherever they go." National Public Radio, Lars Gotrich. Available Artists, Available Dates - The Sooner, The Better; book your date now! Please, without any compromise, do not hesitate asking for whatever you need about it : music, bios, photos, budget, etc... All is available as fast as posible. ¡let ´s keep enjoying the best music live! Best Wishes! Sergio Merino c.+34 619 440 484!/ARCOYFLECHA skype:silverzorrito L ´Alzina, 21 08024 - Barcelona, Spain