Awesome performers from Accra, Ghana - Introduction and call for collaboration (remote and on site)

Resourceful Africans - Flying into Kotoka (Accra, Ghana)

There are a great number of awesome recording Jazz artists and performers in Ghana. I'd like to introduce 6 of them who are all available for collaborations in many ways: live performances, workshops, teaching, studio, scores, ... 

Victor Dey Jr, the genius Jazz pianist - Bernard Ayisa, the class act Tenor Sax player - Bright Osei, the young Ghanaian answer to Richard Bona - Dela Botri, the flute magician - Daniel Black, arguably he best Jazz drummer in Ghana and Elikplim Amewode, arguably the most dynamic trombone playing Jazz musician of West Africa.

You find the introduction here.

Their particular skills and personal background will enrich any Jazz production. They often play live together, they feature on each other's albums as musician or arranger. Yet they are all individuals with their own style and personalities always resulting in a fascinating mix when they play together.

Most of them I have known for about 10 years now and on my visits to Ghana I always go to their live shows, sometimes I even take a video away from it. 

You find videos of them and of other (local) musicians in the following channels: Youtube, Vimeo.

I invite you to be in touch should you be interested in receiving more information, get a taste of their albums and possibly collaborate - let it be noted that there is a compact yet vibrant, rich and always growing Jazz scene in Accra, as well as in other African cities, that always welcomes musicians from 'the West'.

You find some examples in the video channels - Ben Boone, Seth Trachy and Teus Nobel to mention a few.