Luk Denckens - Promoter Resourceful Africans


For as long I can remember I have been into music ... as in cannot do without music. 

Barely 5 years old, I sang along with classic rock songs by Buddy Holly and Elvis. I even tried my hand at becoming a musician myself but it was clear soon that I did not have the talent to live up to the high standards I imposed on my favourite bands and musicians ... 

I must have done thousands of gigs, at festivals and other music events, when at one point I stopped going to live events - I was happy listening to music in my car or in my media room.

All that changed when I went to Africa, more specifically Ghana, in 2006. The live scene of Accra rekindled my love of live music - the quality of musicians you get to see there, in relatively small venues, must be quite rare.

These musicians are second to none and their original works are unique in many ways. They deserve to be professionally promoted for their accomplishments as musicians and as music teachers. 

Jazz musicians like Victor Dey Jr, Bernard Ayisa, Dela Botri, Bright Osei, Daniel Black and Elikplim Amewode have recorded their own albums and they and their music are ready to surprise punters all over the world.

Apart from introducing them - and more musicians to come - to people organising jazz concerts, workshops and festivals our objective is very simple: show everyone they are ready to enrich the international world of Jazz with their songs and inspire international collaborations with Jazz musicians all over the world to make their unique voices heard.

Contact me if you want to listen to their albums and take the introduction to the next level.  

Enjoy the available channels on youtube, facebook and vimeo and spread the word!!!