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Lara Rosseel Quintet - Green PIlot Tour

Belgian artist & bass player Lara Rosseel and her Quintet - with Sam Vloemans on trumpet, Vitja Pauwels on guitar, and Sep Francois & Angelo Moustapha on percussion, vibes and marimba - made a concert tour starting from Belgium to and throughout South-Sweden, in one rented tourbus, in January 2023. This tour was made under the title 'BRYGGA - Bridge from the Low Lands to the High North'.

In collaboration with Swedish concert organization network Knutpunkt, the Lara Rosseel Quintet + sound technician Leander Meuris made the concert tour by car, consisting of six concerts and one workshop/masterclass at the Fridhems Folkhōgskola. The car journey, with a rented touring car, started January 15th and ended the 24th, with the following concert dates in-between:

15/01/2023 Departure from BE - Belgium to Neumünster

16/01/2023 Travel day to Svalöv - Neumünster to Svalöv

17/01/2023 Masterclass in Svalöv & Concert in Halmstad

18/01/2023 Concert in Lidköping

19/01/2023 Concert in Vänersborg

20/01/2023 Concert in Lerum

21/01/2023 Concert in Partille

22/01/2023 Concert in Helsingborg

23/01/2023 Travel day - Helsingborg to Hamburg

24/01/2023 Arrival home - Hamburg to Belgium

The tour went perfectly according to plan, and our Swedish partner Knutpunkt ensured us the concerts were very well received by the local communities, and the individual organizers were "over the moon". The concert locations varied often, from clubs to unhallowed churches and libraries, to grand concert halls. Which was very nice to get a feeling of the local music-experience. The concert at Partille also received a very positive review in the local press (in Swedish):

A Facebook video interview with Lara and Maria Rylander of Knutpunkt, which was shared by the different touring partners, JazzLab, Knutpunkt and Inside Jazz. In the interview green touring and Green Pilot Tour was also discussed. You can see the video here: