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Kids Can


Denmark, Estonia, Portugal

Main target age group

9 - 17

Key artists

Children’s bands + young writers from Denmark, Estonia and Portugal. New children will be in the Kids Can bands each year. 

Practical information

KIDS CAN is a European interdisciplinary touring program for exchange of young jazz talents, recruitment of young audiences and a revitalisation of the way jazz is communicated to children. The chosen children will go on a Kids Can tour and will travel along with a team of young journalists, who will communicate and interact on behalf of the bands.

Artistic idea

KIDS CAN combines the proud tradition of musical education in Europe, with a vision of showcasing talented children on the European stages. KIDS CAN wants to prove that children can play just as genuine as adult musicians, and that a mirroring in a musician your own age, might inspire you to become a musician yourself.
The innovative take on audience development consists of a young journalist program to interact and communicate before, during, and after each concert.
The KIDS CAN caravan will travel to three different countries each year. Each country provides a group of 5 talented musicians in the age group of 9 – 14 years as well as two young journalists between 12 and 17 years.

Booking contacts

Project Manager: Eva Frost, eva (at) jazzdanmark.dk


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