Jazz for Young People

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Jazz for Kids



Main target age group

3 to 9 years old, and their families up to 99 years old

Key artists

Manuel Hermia – saxophone
Sam Gerstmans – bass
Pascal Mohy - piano

Practical information

The show lasts between 50 and 55 minutes. 
3 musicians on stage ( and on tour ), sax, bass and piano ( or Rhodes or Wurlitzer ).
We can play acoustic in small places ( less than 100 people ). Otherwise, a soft amplification is needed.

Artistic idea

The idea is to consider the kids repertoire as their own standards. So we reharmonized those songs in a jazz xay, and threat them as classical standards. Kids understand that we “tell and invent stories” with our instruments after playing the theme.  

Between the instrumental songs, we tell short stories we made up to link the characters of those different song. 

But it’s important to underline that our repertoire is mainly focused on the songs french speaking kids know ( except international songs such as Jingle Bells, happy Birthday… )

Main costs

Fee is 1500 E for 1 show
2000 E for 2 shows ( same day, same stage), 2500 for 3 shows ( same day, same stage).
+ travel expenses + 3 single rooms + per diem or catering.

Additional info

As much as possible, we ask to provide acoustic piano, even if it upright. Otherwise, Rhodes or Wurlitzer, but if possible no electric piano.

Booking contacts

Jackal Productions
279 av de Roodebeek
1030 Brussels
manuel.hermia (at) gmail.com 





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