Jazz for Young People

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Main target age group

3-7 years old

Key artists

Thomas Champagne - saxophone
Guillaume Vierset - guitar
Nicholas Yates - double bass
Fabio Zamagni - drums

Practical information

45 minutes long. 4 musicians, two of them are also narrators. There is also a screen and a video projector on stage. 

Artistic idea

The idea is to initiate young children to the basic concepts of jazz in a playful manner by associating the music with short animated movies. For instance a double bass with legs walks to the sound of a walking bass, a spider shaped drum set swings (literally and musically)  on a string, a guitar/paintbrush adds a bit of colour,... When they combine, on stage and in the picture, Jazz happens . We also explore notions like the groove, improvisation, styles. Always by playing the music live and associating it with the animated illustrations.

Main costs

1440€ (taxes included) + Travel costs + Hotel + food

Additional info

Originally created in FRENCH but can be adapted to ENGLISH, DUTCH, SPANISH

Booking contacts

NU:BE (Booking agency)
nube (at) skynet.be
+32 496 15 17 01


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