The Greek Jazz scene today is characterised by musical diversity and includes classic jazz formats, big bands, and solo projects – all freshly developed in a vibrant and dynamic creative environment. 

Located on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa – all cultures that contribute to this diverse jazz scene which is brimming with influences from all the different regions that surround the country.  

A new generation of Greek jazz musicians is evolving throughout Europe and the rest of the world; musicians who are not afraid of challenging the status quo with daring instrumental combinations and intriguing hybrid styles. This includes artists who tour throughout Europe and beyond and includes artists who record with prestigious labels like ECM, as well as many emerging jazz projects.

Due to the growth of the genre in the last decade, the jazz community in Greece is also influenced by other nations, and many institutions have evolved around it. Several Jazz festivals occur throughout the year, there has been a revival in the amount of jazz and related musics that is programmed by jazz bars and live clubs around the country.

Even though there is no dedicated financial support for the genre and no active influential jazz network or umbrella organisation to oversee its development, the community is growing and getting stronger, and all factors indicate that jazz music, in all its formats, is going to be the next big thing in Greece in the future.

Guide compiled by EJN member Athens Jazz