Technopolis City of Athens / Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival


Technopolis City of Athens was the main industrial gas factory of Athens, but since the early '90s it was reformed and has since become a hub for cultural events, thus upgrading a historic area of the capital and creating another focal point in the cultural identity of Athens. A wide variety of cultural events are held in Technopolis every year: festivals, concerts, exhibitions, performances, screenings, educational programs, seminars and workshops, initiatives for the development of entrepreneurship and innovation and events of social nature are only some of the 900 events that take place in Technopolis attracting over 1.000.000 visitors annually. As a cultural and business hub, it offers quality entertainment and cultural events for all the citizens of the capital (and beyond).

The Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival was founded in 2000 and has become the biggest Jazz Festival in Greece produced and held in Technopolis City of Athens venue. Every year it hosts more then 25 artists and groups in a 7-days multi stage production.

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