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Cortex - Green Pilot Tour

"We believe that through changes like this, we as musicians, can contribute to try to help Europe towards a greener way of thinking and travelling. On our tour we talked about the Green Pilot Tour from stage and encouraged our audiences to engage in more sustainable ways to travel."
The Dutch Amsterdam based venue BIMHUIS organized an EJN Green Pilot tour in December 2022 in close cooperation with No Earplugs Booking Agency and the Norwegian band Cortex. We succeeded with five different dates, passing five European venues (of which three are EJN members) in three different countries in seven days from the 4th to the 10th of December 2022. The concerts were at Bimhuis (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Stadtgarten (Cologne, Germany), Le Periscope (Lyon, France) Sunset (Paris, France) and Le Petit Faucheux (Tours, France). The tour was booked by Malwina Witkowska, agent of No Earplugs Bookings. The band members of Cortex took care of all tourmanagement.

The band Cortex traveled by train between Amsterdam, Germany and France taking as much electric local transport (metro and electric taxi's) as possible and staying in hotels close proximity to the venues. Also promoting and sharing the sustainable life style with the audience was part of the tour. Drinking from recycled bottles, eating vegetarian and/or vegan and playing in venues which are largely ecologically organized are examples. Also encouraging the audience to engage in more sustainable ways of traveling and thus creating awareness.

Here below the final tour dates and venues:
4.12 Bimhuis, Amsterdam
5.12 Stadtgarten, Cologne
7.12 Periscope, Lyon
8.12 Sunset, Paris
9.12 Le Petit Faucheux, Tours

BIMHUIS made a promotional campaign with art design for posters and social media promoting The Cortex EJN Green Pilot Tour. The campaign was implemented in the marketing of all the partnering venues. On social media (Facebook and Instagram) the venues, the agency and the band presented the green tour. With printed posters at the venues the tour gained an extra marking.

Case studies

North Sea String Quartet toured Sweden from 28 November through 4 December 2023. The Dutch quartet performed at 5 locations in the Knutpunkt network of venues, plus 2 jazz clubs in Gothenburg.
The tour consisted of 4 cities in 4 countries: Coutances (France), Leuven (Belgium), Cologne (Germany) and Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and was accompanied by Marja Mortensson's baby.
Budapest Music Centre's Opus Jazz Club organized an EJN Green Pilot tour in April 2023 in close cooperation with No Earplugs Booking Agency and the Norwegian band (Exit) KNARR.