Jazz for Young People

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BlueLine plays Disney (Ixhor Project)



Main target age group

6-15 years-old

Key artists

Xavier-Edouard Horemans : piano
Alain Cupper : Saxes and flute
Jacques Le Texier : drums
Marc “Loos” Lognard : Bass and bouble-bass

Practical information

Live music - +/- 1 hour
Stage or space 3 x 4m
Sonorisation needed – electricity
(it depends where we play! In witch country?)

Artistic idea

It is so much more simple to bring teenagers to love music and musical styles by going to their territories; that’s why BlueLine proposes an interactive awakening process illustrated by Walt Disney’s Classics songs.

During one hour, we satisfy the musical curiosity of children through an intelligent mixture of theory, complicity with the young generation and melodies from films they saw and appreciated.

The “lesson” is given by Xavier-Edouard Horemans, who plays the piano and teaches music in several Brussels music schools.

He gives short & easily understandable speeches of about 2 ‘ about:
  • the birth & history of jazz
  • its geographical & thematic evolution
  • the difference between African & European scales (with children singing)
  • distinguishing instruments & rhythms.

and joins the band to illustrate his comments.

Some music styles: Dixie, Swing, Afro Cuban, Bossa Nova, Waltz, Jazz Rock, Hot Jazz …

Children clap hands and dream of becoming musicians, a wonderful challenge for a so unjustly named “no future” generation!

Main costs

Artistic costs : 1,000€ for the band
According to the country, we bring a part or all the equipment. (we travel by plane? Car? Other?)

Additional info

If possible, we try to join us the participation of musician or singer of the place where we play. The sharing is always more positive and enriching!

Mail us for more information!

Booking contacts

xehoremans (at) gmail.com

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