Duncan Eagles- Partikel

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Duncan Eagles- Partikel

From 01 October 2022 to 31 October 2022
Duncan Eagles – Saxophones/ Max Luthert – Bass/ Eric Ford – Drums and Percussion

Partikel recently released their new album anniversary song with progressive German based label Berthold Records to much critical acclaim.

"Bursting with energy and spontaneous ideas" – NZZ Magazine ★★★★

"One of the scenes most forward thinking groups" London Jazz News

"Beautifully recorded with an enveloping natural sound perfectly suited to the effortless intelligence of Partikel’s immersive music" JazzWise ★★★★

"Like most jazz musicians Eagles, Luthert and Ford are also involved with numerous other projects and each has made excellent music elsewhere. But when they do come back together to work as Partikel the results are very special" The Jazz Mann ★★★★