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The agency is based in Austria. The main focus of the company is jazz and worldmusic. 

Brigitte Fessmann founded JazzBFango in 2018, after managing “Stone, Art & Sound” from 2008 until 2018.
B.F. started the promotion of its own artists and label productions in 2008. Before I have worked for over 10 years in the field of contemporary music, organised concert in USA and India. 

In the beginning of 2008 I decided to work as a freelancer and to start the daring experiment of promotion my favourite music as a business model.

I provide concert bookings, artist management, tour productions as well as concert productions and promotion. Over the years BF has developed into an agency for exquistite sounds from the borderlands between world and jazz music. Inspired by the endless joy of african music I recorded two albums  PAKAO  in 2012 and LA VOIX DU MANDINGUE in 2013. During the following years I became a passionate cultural manager and networker at first in the field of contemporary music and since 2010 jazz, folk and world music.

Brigitte Fessmann, founder and owner of JazzBFango

I want my bands to always be the highlight of a festival and so far it always happened like this. 
“ When I discovered Music from Africa it went straight into my heart. It's my ode for Afrika and I produced my first album called "Pakao" and the second one "La voix du Mandigue". Today I want to share this great energy and bring the Vibe to a big audience . The World music market has grown constantly over the last years and African music should not be missing at any good festival and concert hall." 
Her works based on philosophical and political questions.

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