Athens Jazz Festival 2023

Athens Jazz, the biggest jazz festival in Greece, is turning officially 22 years old and returns at Technopolis City of Athens for an exciting event full of music, multiple happenings and many surprises.
Athens Jazz marks the official start of the summer concert for Athens. For seven whole days, from 22 to 29 May 2023, the longest running music event in Athens with free admission will host on the main stage of Technopolis, jazz trends from all over the world, bands with international career as well as emerging Greek artists, who will be introduced to the public on the first day of the festival, which is dedicated to the local jazz scene.
For one more year, Technopolis will be the epicenter of the yearly meeting for the Athenian citizens and the city’s visitors as well, an exciting event that attracts more than 6000 attendees per day. From morning until night, the much-loved place will welcomr people of every age group to enjoy a rich and prestigious music programme, live shows, multiple happenings in Gazi and all over the city.
To date, more than 250 international and local bands and 2,850 musicians from 28 countries have participated in Athens Jazz.