Taller de Músics / JAZZ I AM

The Taller de Músics is a national and international reference for popular music education where students are able to participate in a creative, dynamic and innovative environment that allows them to learn and develop a musical career oriented towards which ever musical style they choose and adapted to any level. The entity offers a solid and complete training through Taller de Músics Music School and Taller de Músics School for Higher Education in Music, as well as different master classes and seminars to expand knowledge. 

Taller de Músics has a solid pledge for education and training that will facilitate the entry of our students into the employment market. Thus, the entity distinguishes itself as a platform for a series of activities aimed at the promotion and diffusion of music through Productions & Management Department and JazzSí Club. In one hand, Productions & Management Department works on the promotion of musicians linked either directly or indirectly to the Taller and produces shows and research work carried out by the Taller. In the other hand, JazzSí Club offers live music 365 days a year and attracts around 35,000 people every season between the artists and the audience.

JAZZ I AM is born in 2019 in Barcelona as annual international meeting, focused on boosting partnerships among music professionals by hosting conferences, workshops and the finest national jazz shows.​

Case studies

Tal Gamlieli's Green Pilot tour was a big success. The musicians reported that the logistics were always under control and smooth, artistically the concerts worked very well and the reactions of audiences were amazing.