Silesian Jazz Club Music Association


Silesian Jazz Club Music Association was established in 1956 and is the oldest jazz association in Poland. The history of SJC dates back to 1955, when a group of students of the Silesian University of Technology and graduates of the secondary music school decided to play jazz. At that time practicing jazz was not viewed in a positive light by the authorities. There were no independent student movements and clubs yet.

By coincidence, at that time that the manager of the Culture House of Ironworks "Zabrze" was Mr. Jan Piotrowski: one of the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising. Finally, the young students came to him. And that’s how it started. The founding meeting of Silesian Jazz Club Music Association took place on 19th October 1956. During its existence SJC it has created an enormous amount of events, concerts, festivals and other projects, like publishing records, organising international tours, etc.

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