Jazz in Ruins / Jazz w Ruinach


It’s a festival of young rising stars of jazz and improvised music and of a young wave of graphic and poster creators from around the world. The festival is a platform for understanding between music and graphics, as young rising stars appear among both musicians and graphic designers. The future belongs to them, so we might say that… Jazz in Ruins is the future. And an original and ambitious cultural product, the only such project on a national scale.

Why young jazz in ruins?
First of all, we are delighted with the renovation of historical and post-industrial facilities in Silesia. We deeply believe in the sense of their revitalization and bringing them back to life. Hence, we want to appear in such proverbial "ruins" to fill them with youthful energy.

Secondly, often in the history of jazz new phenomena were considered ... the end of jazz. This was the case with be-bop, free jazz, etc. And yet the history has shown that this end was the beginning of something new, but still rooted in jazz. Hence the so-called “ruins” seem to be the perfect place for a festival with an idea of showing how young artists understand jazz today.