The NUEJAZZ Festival was founded in 2012 by Frank Wuppinger and Marco Kühnl. The goal was to install a major international jazz festival in Nuremberg again. The festival is organized by the Nürnberger Jazzmusiker e.V., whose board members are Marco Kühnl and Frank Wuppinger.

The festival is an independent working group within the association and acts largely on its own. Frank Wuppinger manages the festival and Marco Kühnl is responsible for finances and controlling. The rest of the team are professionals in design, management, production, technique, etc. … NUEJAZZ is primarily the festival in the fall, but in the meantime many additional events are added throughout the year. These include about 30 NUEJAZZ Jazz for Kids concerts, various Club Series concerts in cooperation with organizers from the region. In addition, workshops in cooperation with the University of Music, such as The European Jazzworkshop, European Jazz Companions, Jazz & Design, etc...

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