Na Conxypan civic association

Na´Conxypan, Boriny 1381/39
929 01
Dunajská Streda

The program and main activity of our non-profit org.: NA´CONXYPAN civic association since its establishment in 2000 have been focused on the development of education, culture, democracy and tolerance. Na´conxypan has 6 memers all working part time, non-profit with one legal representative. The mission of the association is to support the healthy development of the personality, the freedom of thinking, the improvement of people’s cultural level. Therefore we organize several music events, music workshops and performances in several music genres (jazz, folk, blues, classical). Our greatest event is the international music festival „Are you Free?” , a festival of particular genres, which is for all the music lovers who were able to keep a kind of openness in their way of thinking and music taste. We would like to give publicity to improvisatory music genres, which help us to get rid of our ordinary music concepts and everyday ways of thinking. 

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