Are You Free? Music Festival 2022

21 – 22nd October 2022 - Dunajská Streda - Slovakia

The aim of the 14th volume of the Are you FREE? festival, as well as its previous volumes, is the introduction of improvised music and contemporary art to its audience. In Slovakia, free jazz and the other forms of improvised music have still not gained their well-deserved space, however, the interest in the progressive forms of music have been rising lately. We invite the best interprets of the genre but we also tend to pay respect to other widely acknowledged musicians, too – e.g. by opening the range of our interest to contemporary music and world music, too. Our festival with its free atmosphere serves as a forum for both musicians and their audience.

21.10.2022 - 20:00, NFG klub
1. Ranjevš & Óbasz (SK/CZ)
Štefan Szabó - guitar
Jakub Švejnar - drums

2. E Converso (CZ)
Zbigniew Chojnacki - akordeon/elektronics
Lukasz Czekala - violin/elektronics
Marcin Albert Steczkowskii - cornet/elektronics

3. Geröly Space Septet (HU)
Geröly Tamás - drums
Kováts Gergő - saxophone, bass clarinet
Cseke Dániel – saxophone
Szelevényi Vito - trumpet
Bolcsó Bálint - electronics
Czitrom Ádám - guitar
Ajtai Péter - bass
Kitzinger Gábor - visual

17:00 Acoustic sessions - Contemporary Hungarian Gallery

1. Móser Ádám (HUN) - solo acordeon

2. Debussy NOW! - (HU) 
Harcsa Veronika – voice
Anastasia Razvalyaeva - harp
Fenyvesi Márton – guitar, electronics

21:00, NFG club

1. Ephemere (HU)
Orbay Lilla - voice
Caussanel Izabella - voice
Telegdi Gáspár - acordeon
Sebestyén Patrik– trumpet
Arday Dániel - doublebass
Stummer Márton - guitar

With the financial support of the Minority Culture Fund
With the financial support of the municipality of Dunajska Streda

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